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    Creating a survey database



      Creating a survey database



           I have been looking all over for a solution to creating a survey database. What I found was somewhat helpful but I still have some outstanding questions.

           I have to create two surveys one is for children and one is for parents. The surveys will have different questions based on this information and the children also have to be linked to their parents. The survey has a wide range of questions and possible responses, ranging from dates/times to pre-set answeres such as yes/no.

           The table structure I'm working with is like this:

           tblChild pkChildID

           tblParent pkParentID

           tblChildParent fkChildID, fkParentID

           tblSurvey pkSurveyID

           tblSurveyQuestion fkSurveyID, pkQuestionID, Question text

           tblQuestionAnswer fkQuestionID, pkQuestionAnswerID, Answer text

           I'm having trouble understanding if this is the right layout and how to make sure that for the questions that need date/time the answer is formatted as such. Also, the questions that need a pre-set response are formatted that way as well.

           Thanks! Hope all this made sense.

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               Looks like a good start, but I think you'll want a link from tblQuestionAnswer to either tblChild, tblParent or both.

               (You may want to put parents and children in the same table.)

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                 That's right I forgot to add that link. I think i need the children and parents still separate because it will be a many to many from the subjects we're looking at and there will be other tables linked to both.

                 I actually just thought of another question related to this. Once the survey has been created in the tables, I'm wondering how the layout will work. Meaning, how will data entry happen on a question by question basis. I'm still pretty new to filemaker so I may not know all the ins and outs just yet.

                 Thank you for your reply!

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                   You can use two occurrences of the same table, one for parents and one for tables. This may or may not be a good idea. But it simplifies linking a person to their answers--which is why I am suggesting that you consider that approach.

                   If "table occurrence" is a new term, see this link: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

                   There are quite a few different ways that you can set up a layout for a person taking the survey.

                   Will this survey be taken sitting at a computer running fileMaker or might it be done over the web?

                   What kind of answers will you be collecting? Text answers? Multiple choice answers. Answers formatted to use the same scale?

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                     The survey will be taken by someone sitting at a computer with filemaker pro installed. The kind of answers range from dates or times, multiple choice, and answers from different scales. For example there are different scales for demographics that ask age and gender and other sections have questions where the responses can be "never, sometimes, often, always."