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Creating a survey database

Question asked by BenjaminHubbard on Jan 7, 2013
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Creating a survey database



     I have been looking all over for a solution to creating a survey database. What I found was somewhat helpful but I still have some outstanding questions.

     I have to create two surveys one is for children and one is for parents. The surveys will have different questions based on this information and the children also have to be linked to their parents. The survey has a wide range of questions and possible responses, ranging from dates/times to pre-set answeres such as yes/no.

     The table structure I'm working with is like this:

     tblChild pkChildID

     tblParent pkParentID

     tblChildParent fkChildID, fkParentID

     tblSurvey pkSurveyID

     tblSurveyQuestion fkSurveyID, pkQuestionID, Question text

     tblQuestionAnswer fkQuestionID, pkQuestionAnswerID, Answer text

     I'm having trouble understanding if this is the right layout and how to make sure that for the questions that need date/time the answer is formatted as such. Also, the questions that need a pre-set response are formatted that way as well.

     Thanks! Hope all this made sense.