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    Creating a Tab



      Creating a Tab


      I'm using the demo version of Filemaker and testing its capabilites, I was wondering if it is possible to create a tab on a contact that when selected displays a Excel form that is Imported from my computer. I want to use the tab as a seperate file container that can hold a form that our company uses to input orders into the system.

      I tried to make a tab function on a contact but thats all it let me do, please let me know if there is any solutions to this problem

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          The starter solutions include "Content Management" that has a container field for pictures, PDFs and files.

          Making a New Database from that starter solution may give you a better grasp of the possibilities.  Insert Menu is how you put a file into the container (when highlighted).

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            I have created a database with Content manager...I have changed the fields and the system works well with arranging contacts but now I want it to be linked with the excel files I create for prospective customers. I want to know if Filemaker can combine my system into one contact and make it so users do not have to open excel sheets they have it all under the file maker screen.

            I'm aware of the file container function and was also wondering if you could put more then one file into this field. I have tried before and it simply updates with teh newest file,erasing the old file.

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              FileMaker can import data from and to Excel files so you might investigate those options.

              You can only insert a single file into a given container field, but you can set up a table of related records with a container field defined in that table, then you can insert as many files as needed by adding more related records as the need arises.