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Creating a table for importing

Question asked by appt on Sep 10, 2013
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Creating a table for importing


     HI all,


     I am using Filemaker Go and can export all of my data to an excel file no problem (although it is irritating that the script step is not available for iOS).

     Once into excel I would like to be able to import back into FM (I know I cannot do that directly to FM GO).

     That's fine as it would be data about students rolled over from last year to this year. However whenever I try to do it i run into the problem that it will only allow me to import to the fields of one table. But although I keep details of the students in one table, other details such as assessment data are kept in separate tables linked to the student table - I did this because there are so many pieces of information it made sense separate them out into understandable chunks.

     Is there any way to create a TO that incorporates all of the data from all of the tables (or at least all of the data that I might want to reimport) so that when I get to the import list I can match up all of my excel data to one big table.

     There is no way that I can rewrite the DB and simply make it one huge table - that would drive me nuts.