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Creating a table using limited fields from another table

Question asked by RogerBirch on Aug 21, 2014
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Creating a table using limited fields from another table


     Having tried to get my head around a solution, I am getting more and more confused as to the best way to create the answer I am trying to perform.

     I am not too sure whether it is a relationship situation or a matter of just creating a table displaying fields from another table using scripts.

     I have created a contacts table with many contacts plus including contacts enquiring and booking accommodation in our apartments.

     I want to create a separate Table, called "InvoiceJournal" showing ONLY clients who have been allocated (by me manually) an Invoice Number in my "Contacts"table after they confirm a booking.

     In a nutshell, my Contacts table includes all enquires from prospective clients plus many other  contacts I have but I wish to have a separate table showing only those who have booked with me and I have given them an Invoice Number.

     I am obviously missing the point as I have tried many combinations without success.

     The closest I have done is to produce an additional layout base on the fields within the Contacts list, but then "sorting" becomes a problem as I want the Contacts to be sorted by FullName and I want the InvoiceJournal to be sorted by InvoiceNumbers!!

     Any help in this matter would be gratefully received.

     I look forward to any response. Thanks.