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    Creating a Top 10 List



      Creating a Top 10 List


      G'day Forumers

      I am trying to create a Top 10 Clients by Turnover from a Job Database. I have created a detailed and summary list of clients sorted by Total Invoice Value using a Summary Field - Invoice Value Total. Now I would like to limit the report to the Top 10 Clients by Turnover. Is this possible ? I have been Googling and am probably using the incorrect terms in my searches.

      Many thanks

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          After you have done your find and sort in your script, do this:

          Go To Record [11]  // this is the by calculation option
          Omit Multiple Records [ No dialog ; Get ( FoundCount ) ] 

          Omitting more records than there are between the current record and the end of the found set just omits all records from the current record to the end of the found set.

          Note that I am assuming one record per client. A more sophisticated looping script that scans your found set from top to bottom while counting clients would be needed in place of the Go to Record step if this is not the case.