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Creating a tricky calculation

Question asked by Kat4 on Oct 31, 2008
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Creating a tricky calculation


I want to do something similar to the function on the FMP starter solution in Contact Management where you can find a company by similar Name, Company , or City. I've got all the imformation to re-create that part, but what I want to modify is this:

I want to find companies with a similar name. For example, we deal with a few companies which have two (or more) parts, one for Admin, one for Marketing (they must be listed separately because all information associated with these separate but associated entities is different), but they have at least one word in each of their names which is the same. I can't figure out which functions to use to collect/list Companies with a word within their name in common. A complication is that since we deal with many Galleries, which include the word "Gallery" in their title, I have to eliminate the possibility that the calculation brings up all companies with the word "gallery" in it.

Can any one help with this?

Should I just forget it?

Thanks in advance for having a think!