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    Creating a unique values table



      Creating a unique values table


      I have a 'transaction' table that includes many instances of the 'product names' being sold.  I want to create a table that has the unique product names from the transaction table, that I can add as a lookup table in the relationship scheme. 

      How to generate a subset of unique values from one field in a table that I can place in another table.  Thanks in advance, Bill

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          Create your unique table by creating the field for product name.  While you are at it, create the unique auto-enter FM serial number, something called ProductID.  Set it as serial, increment by 1.  On ProductName field go to validation tab and check it to 'validate always' and specify 'unique'.

          Go to your table with the multiple products and show all records.  Now go to your new table and perform an import, importing only the ProductName.  Duplicate product names will not be imported - only one of each.

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            Thanks LaRetta.  I just started using Filemaker, and am coming over from MS Access where you run a query to do this.  Still getting my head around the diferences..  Thanks again, Bill