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Creating a user activity log

Question asked by DylanHaymans on Oct 30, 2013
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Creating a user activity log


     Fairly novice designer here.  I am having trouble determining the proper scripting and calculations needed to log user activity.  I want to be able to see what each user of the database has created or edited so that it can then be displayed in a report.  I currently have some of this running as a script trigger once a record has been committed.  The record is committed in the data entry table, a multi-lined script then runs with "Set Field" and various "Get" functions to be auto-entered into a separate "log" table. The main fields I want include timestamp, account name and active field name "Get" functions.  The problem is that it returns the active field name as one from the log table, not the data entry table.  Any suggestions on how to specify this?  They are related tables.