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Creating a value list from several tables (join/union query)

Question asked by BrianWyszynski on Nov 2, 2013
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Creating a value list from several tables (join/union query)


     I have a FMP database with several tables:


     -Equipment List A

     -Equipment List B

       --Equipment List B1

     -Equipment List C


     Equipment List A B C are all related to Client list by Client ID

     Equipment List B2 is Related to Equipment List B by Equip B SNo

     Equipment List A B C  each list different types of equipment

     Only the first three fields are the same for each equipment List

     I need to create a Join query / Union Query / Value List with the first Three

        fields from Tables A B B2 and C to use on a form to identify which piece

        of equip is being serviced.



     I DO NOT want to create a single table with all the possible fields for all the possible

     variations of equipment, as it would be unrealistic for our approach.