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creating a very simple invoice

Question asked by fjordseeker on Jan 29, 2009
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creating a very simple invoice


i am (still) new to FM and have ben working on moving a customer DB from MS Access over to FM. basically i have gotten pretty far but have hit a wall... what has me stumped is how to create a simple invoice where the user can browse through the client records then under a tab for "print docs" click on a button called "generate invoice".


all i want to have is a simple layout open where certain address fields from the currently active record autofill into respective fields on my invoice template, plus a text box that auto creates a new lines as needed if i have more than one itme on the invoice. the subtotals etc would be pushed down accordingly so that the invoice would adjust its layout if there were a lot of items.


the text box for the items should be a table that provides space to manually fill in


Item (manual description)

unit price (manually filled in amount)

subtotal (calculated)

tax (calculated)

total (calculated) 

Comments (where user can write in specifics to the order) 


the header and footer of the layout would have the standard logo and other info.


i would really appreciate a nice simple explanation or other resource. i read around the forum but nothing seems to fit a similar situation to mine, since i am not filling products in from a dbd but writing them in by hand. i played around with portals thinking this was the solution but i made more of a mess than solve my problem.


many thx