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    creating a viewer



      creating a viewer


      I could use some help creating a viewer for a data base we want to have available for searching by a small group.  i can create the access code for instance 169.xxx.xxx.xxx but that code does not let users from an outside computer reach the file.  there is a step missing or i am interpreting the instructions in fmp version 11 wrong.  any help would be appreciated. 

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          Are your users accessing the database from web browsers or copies of FileMaker Pro?

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            we intend to have the database available for people who will not have fmp software, so they will only see this via a web browser. for clarity, it is literally a large and annotated bibilography. 

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              BTW: I think you should remove your e-mail adress from your original posting.

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                Next diagnostic question:

                Assuming you have this hosted on a local area network, can you use a web browser to access the database from inside the network?

                There are two possible sets of issues here and I can't fully help you with all of them though others are welcome to chime in:

                The file must be configured correctly for web publishing. (Are you using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker server advanced to host the files?)

                Your internet router must be configured to route access to it from "outside" to the computer that is actually hosting the databse. this is called "port forwarding" and the steps to configure your router are specific to the model router you have as I understand it. The key detail is that you need outside users to access the IP address of the internet router rather than the computer that is hosting the DB. This IP can be subject to change each time your router is turned off and back on unless you get either a static IP address or (If I remember right) set up a workaround that works with the dynamic IP address.