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Creating account names and passwords from a table

Question asked by michel_1 on Dec 12, 2008
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Creating account names and passwords from a table


Can I link the data in a table in a file to create account names and passwords?  I am using FileMaker Pro 8 and then the FileMaker Server Advanced for instant web publishing.  I need users to only access their own record and have unique names and numbers already entered in the table that could be the account names and passwords. 


I already use this file and have created a script and fields to ensure that users only access their own records when they have opened the file, but it really would be more intuitive for the user to only enter a password once with FileMaker's account names and password. Currently they enter a shared group account name and password and then, once the file is opened, they are prompted to enter their personal password to access their record.  Does this make sense? I feel like I have created a funny work around for something that must be a common need.  I have tried to figure it out with the documentation and must not be using the correct vocabulary to figure this out.  I have 300 users so if typing the individual account names and passwords in individually is my option, then I will stick with what I am currently doing, but I'm pretty sure there is a better way.


I'm new here and appreciate the help and suggestions.  THANKS!