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    Creating an anesthesia record with Filemaker



      Creating an anesthesia record with Filemaker


      An anesthesia record consists of a number of clinical measurements (blood pressure, pulse, respirations, etc.) recorded over time on a graph.  There are a number of ways to do it without a graph, but clinicians like a graph.  I am uploading a screen shot of a Word document that I use to record a cataract anesthetic.


      Any ideas on how you would display observations (I am thinking of a table with each record containing an anesthetic ID, timestamp,bp field, pulse field, respiration field, etc.) on a graph background like this?  Has it been done before?  I am just starting to look at this, don't want to re-invent the wheel!



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          It would be simpler to record the actual data value and have FileMaker display the data on a chart. But each point position on your graph might be set up as a button that you can click for logging information. That could be a fairly complex interface to design...

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            The problem is that anesthetists love the graphic display, so I am seeking "skeuomorphism" - it would be easier to just have a table, of course.  

            I think it would go like this - user taps (or clicks) a button, is prompted to enter an observation of BP, pulse, O2 sat, etc – e.g. 120/80, 72, 98 (or the data is obtained at appropriate intervals via a connection to the monitor).  This is then applied to the graph (and this is where the challenge is for me).  The data I just gave represents 4 data points - systolic BP, diastolic BP, pulse, saturation.  

            1.  Would it be a separate graph for each data point, with the 4 graphs overlaid on each other (if that is even possible)?

            2.  If you did each graph as a scatter plot, with no connecting lines, it seems to me you could use a different marker for each one - a "^" for diastolic, (I don't know what symbol would represent the opposite of that, to use for Systolic), a solid dot for pulse, an open dot for Saturation, etc.

            3.  So - 4 (or more) graphs, each overlaid on the other, with only the data points showing through.  They could all have the same x - time, and the same y - 220 for the maximum, 0 as the minimum.  The bottom (or top) graph would have visible background lines, or all of them would be sitting on top of a background picture with the squares.  Can that be done?

            Thanks for all your help!


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              I just realized - as long as the x and y axes are the same for all of the observations, I could do this via some type of "stacked" chart, right?  I am going to try that while I am waiting for the wisdom....;>)


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                I did it!  If you are interested, please take a look at the screenshot I am attaching.  So - I got the chart to work, given the data I put in the OBSERVATIONS table.  

                However, I want the x-axis to use 5-minute increments like the record above.  How do I do that?

                This is fun!



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                  Hey Dan


                  I'm looking at a similar problem. I'd love to know how you did this. Are you entering data on the iPad?