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Creating an attendance database

Question asked by MontgomeryLee on Sep 29, 2013
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Creating an attendance database



     I am working my way through all the threads that seem to deal with creating an attendance database, but so far not found a simple and effective solution. So I would appreciate any url or information on how to set up a simple attendance database in Filemaker. Simple to do in Excel, but I am having difficulty figuring out a simple solution in Filemaker.
     Basically my desire is to list the names of people, then have a starting date with each subsequent column the starting date plus 7 days (i.e. a weekly class). All I want to do is check the people attending. The reason for the starting date is to construct a database that I can simply modify quarterly (i.e. a new quarterly starting database).
     Name                     Date  Date+7  Date+14....
     Any suggestions to create something like this would be appreciated. Right now I'm using formulae to construct the dates, but that is so unwieldy that I know there has to be a more elegant method.