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    Creating an auto backup



      Creating an auto backup



      Is there a way to create an auto backup, that is saved to a dropbox account?

      I want the whole DB to back up, and replace the previous backups.

      (FMP file is currently hosted on a Mac) 


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          I use the dropbox desktop application, when you log in to dropbox there is a dropdown arrow next to your user name, select Install.  After the application is install you will have a dropbox folder, then you would save your backup to a location in this folder.  You have a script to run save-a-copy to that folder.  This script could be used with InstallOnTimerScript Trigger to make automatic backup.  The problem with an automatic backup on a hosted database is that the user need to be logged out, so I would put the backup script on the quit button and check that it is the hosted computer.

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            I wouldn't replace the previous backups unless I am making and saving other backups. Sometimes you have to pick through mulitple backup copies to find the copy you need to fix a problem--which can be due to having a damaged file or data missing or changed due to a user error.

            The hosting computer session can use save a copy as in a script to save a copy of each file even if other users are still logged on.

            This thread discusses some of the issues involved, but from the perspective of backing up a single file every few minutes while it undergoes development. You'd need one such script in every file and with a Timer interval much larger than every 15 minutes:

            Saving Sequential Back Ups During Development

            But using FileMaker Server and it's backup tools is a far better way to make and manage back up copies of your database.

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              My point was that data may not be complete if a user is entering data while the backup is being made at the same time.  I prefer records not being changed when I make a backup, so I prefer to make backups when other are not in the database.   I guess I was not clear on my post.   Good point, on the multiply backups,  I don't overwrite my older backups and assume everyone else does it the same way.    

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                And you make an excellent point as well. Makes me a bit curious though. I suspect that any record commits from other users that are initiated at the same time as the "save a copy" event simply won't appear in the saved copy, but will in the open, hosted copy.

                But I haven't tested this and could easily be wrong about this.

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                  I use a closer script that backs up (saves a copy) to a destination disk/folder. The reason I do this is to prevent Time Machine from backing up a live file. Then I set TM to exclude the live files but back up,the files saved to the other destination.

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                    Thanks everyone, this is a great help yes