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Creating an email template - is it possible?

Question asked by Quarterly on Mar 31, 2011
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Creating an email template - is it possible?


I'm working with FM11. I've got a few template letters in my database which are simple, easy to use and print perfectly. Now I need to learn how to send them by email. 

I know how to use the email function, and it works, what I can't figure out is how to insert my template into the body of the email. Is it possible? I've read several posts, however, those generally say the person in need of help already knows how to insert their letter into the body, so I feel like I've missed an explanation somewhere. I have read the tutorial and I have The Missing Manual at my fingertips. Inserting text from a file is proving to be useless. 

If all else fails, is it possible to copy and paste or export my letter with the merge fields filled in to MS Word? So far I've had no luck. I'm about to resort to using an email template and filling in all of the blanks myself, which is will take up quite a bit of time. I really feel as though I'm missing the obvious. 

If anyone could steer me in a helpful direction, even a link to an answer to this question already posted that I've missed, I would be truly grateful.