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    creating an excel file in a subfolder



      creating an excel file in a subfolder


           I wrote a script to import some data from a table into an excel file for external processing and am creating in a subfolder of the one which has all my fm files and it is working properly for a single computer but when I want to excute that from the terminal it gives me a message that the file cannot be created

           I am using fm12 and I am writing for Mac as well as windows and am using a relative file path as hollows 


           where documents is a subfolder of the one which has the fm excutable files 

           What am I doing wrong?

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               Sounds like you have a file path that is not valid for every computer on your network, but file access permissions could also be the cause of the trouble.

               Is this a shared folder that is accessible to all your DB users that will be using this feature of your database?

               Is that shared folder mounted/mapped in such a fashion that the file path to this folder is exactly the same on every computer?

               If it's not a shared folder, but rather a local folder on each computer, you'll need to create identical folders with identical file paths or a file path to a generalized location such as the desktop or documents folders. And FileMaker cannot, by itself, create directories, only files. To create a directory requires setting up a database script to perform either a command line or system script to create the new folder.

               Here's a thread on $path variables and container fields where you can download an exploration file that explores these concepts if you are interested: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts