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Creating an extendable table layout in a portal row - possible?

Question asked by PaulP_1 on Jan 28, 2014
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Creating an extendable table layout in a portal row - possible?


     Hi all,

     I recently started on a research project and it was suggested we use Filemaker Pro as a way of collecting data using a graphical interface. Noone else in my research team has used FMP before and I started using it for the first time in my life 3 days ago, despite never doing much database stuff. I am amazed at what this program can do. It's not the easiest to use but sure is fun to learn. Apologies if I have done something dumb!

     I currently have completed 90% of the data collection form we are going to use. I currently have two issues:

     1. I have created a portal in which I want to record the drugs which the patient is receiving along with the dosage for that drug for a particular date. A patient can be one drug or ten, I don't know. I currently have two pertinent tables set up, Patients and Drugs, linked via Patients::PatientID and Drugs::PatientIDFk. The Drugs table contains the following fields: ID, PatientIDFk, DrugName1, DrugDose1, DrugDoseSum.

     In a portal row, I have drawn a "table" using rectangles and lines. I put the fields in and everything is great. What I want to do though is to "extend" that table and add more "table" rows so I can add more drugs if that patient is on more than one. I appreciate that this may not be possible but is there a way I can do this? I would rather avoid making multiple fields i.e. DrugName2, DrugName3, etc as it will analysis annoying down the track. I have tried nesting a portal inside the portal but this obviously does not work! My current "solution" is to just start a new portal row for a new drug even if it is the same date.

     2. My second issue is with the field DrugDoseSum. I want it to show me the cumulative dose received by a patient for any one particular drug e.g. when DrugName1="Adrenaline" then calculate running total for doses pertaining to "Adrenaline" only. I currently have it set up as a running total summary of DrugDose1 with restart when sorted by DrugName1. 

     This doesn't work however and I keep getting the dose running total for all drugs even when the drug names are different.

     I have uploaded a screenshot for some context and hopefully someone will be able to shine some light on my problems. Thank you in advance.