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Creating an index number

Question asked by sportsvenues on May 2, 2012
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Creating an index number


I'm trying to create an index (the division of two percentages) and I'm not getting the correct results.

The issue has to do with census data. I have one table, all global fields, with US information. I have a collection of other tables that include variables for MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas). The problem occurs on all variables, but I'll use one to keep it simple.

In the U.S. table, which has one record, there is a calculated field Ages 15_17 / Total population. That gives me a percentage.

In the MSA table for Ages 15_17, I have another calculated field, Total / MSA total population. That also gives me a percentage. 

Both these fields work correctly.

In the MSA table for Ages 15_17, I have another calculated field, designed to create an index. This one does not work correctly.

MSA PCT 15_17 / US Pct 15_17 (Ultimately I'll multiply this by 100 and round it to get a prettier number, but for now I've simplified it until I can make it work)

The relationships seem to be correct -- I have placed the relevant fields on the form so they can be seen and checked. Yet the math for the index field is always wrong. There is, of course, no link to the US table as it is one record of all global fields.

It seems straightforward, but it doesn't work. Ideas? Thanks!!!!!