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Creating an information name tag

Question asked by pstitchn on Feb 22, 2010
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Creating an information name tag


I am a medium experience user of Filemaker and am using Filemaker Pro 9.  Mac OS 10.  


I created my data base for a retreat coming up and have listed all the classes available.  I put an x in the class selected by

the participant.  I have a possible 18 classes available each day.  I want to put the participants name on the tag (I did that)

and then the classes they selected.  

Example:  101               202     x      305

               102   x          213            320

               103               225            360 x


How do I get 102, 202, and 360 to show up on the name tag without listing all the fields available.


I want it to look like:





Wed Thur Fri

102  202  360 


Please help me if you can.  Thanks.   pstitchn