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    Creating an information name tag



      Creating an information name tag


      I am a medium experience user of Filemaker and am using Filemaker Pro 9.  Mac OS 10.  


      I created my data base for a retreat coming up and have listed all the classes available.  I put an x in the class selected by

      the participant.  I have a possible 18 classes available each day.  I want to put the participants name on the tag (I did that)

      and then the classes they selected.  

      Example:  101               202     x      305

                     102   x          213            320

                     103               225            360 x


      How do I get 102, 202, and 360 to show up on the name tag without listing all the fields available.


      I want it to look like:





      Wed Thur Fri

      102  202  360 


      Please help me if you can.  Thanks.   pstitchn 

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          It would be easier to do this if you put your list of class reservations in a separate related table instead of in a group of dedicated fields.


          Using what you have, you can create a series of calculation fields that look like this:


          If (101Field = "x" ; 101 ; "" ) 


          (I'm making up a name for your first field here. Use your field name in its place.)


          Put each of these fields on your name tag layout. There are sliding options you can set to slide them left or up if you need to.