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    creating an invoice



      creating an invoice


           I am using the Time billing starter solution to track time for my clients. I would like to create an invoice at the end of the month. the customer report is great but I would like to adapt it to show only the lines marked in red for each client. (I have attached picture)

           I would also like to copy the Total for each client to use in another field. 

           I'm a little stuck here so help would be appreciated




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               What is your reason for selecting just those lines and not the others?

               You can probably perform a find to isolate just those items for your bill.

               You might also consider adding an invoices table for keeping track of what you have put on a bill on what you have not yet put on a bill.

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                 The invoices we send out at the end of each month have a list of jobs that we have done for them and the total amount of hours spent on each. So for excample. I might look at a customer 6 times a day doing variouse things. the invoice would be 120 lines long. where as they probably fall into only 8 catagories.

                 because the invoices are run of last thing each month I know that everything will be on the invoice all I need to do is copy the total to another table for accounts, but I have no idea how to get it I also need to be carfull that when the rates go up I don't change previouse invoices.

                 any ideas?


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                   Ok, you want the project totals without listing the individual items.

                   Once you have performed a find to pull up the items you want on the bill, the next part is to use a layout that does not list the individual records, just a total for each project. I have not taken the time to look at the actual starter solution, so you will need to adapt this general description of the solution to the actual tables, table occurrences, fields and relationships present in your database:

                   If you set up a list view layout with a sub summary layout part, you can put a summary field in the sub summary layout part to show the sub total for the group of records corresponding to that sub summary layout part. You'll need to select a "when sorted by" field that identifies each project and then be sure to sort your records by that same field or the sub summary layout part will not be visible.

                   If you then remove the body layout part from this layout, you'll get a list of sub totals but without listing the individual records.

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                     thanks for that, I'll have a go at doing that tomorrow.