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    Creating an pdf



      Creating an pdf


      I have to create a pdf report that will serve as a confirmation voucher for each tour a client has booked -  I have two tables the Booking Table and the Trip line items


      In the booking table I have general information such as group name, Cruiseline and Ship if any


      On the trip line items are the details of the tour meet location time tour name etc


      How do I create a pdf?


      Do I have to create a new table called voucher which displays information from both these tables?

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          Save as PDF??


          Its hard to help you when you dont let us know what you need... :)


          What do you want on the PDF?

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            This is what I need - I have a booking for a client this booking has line items coming from two tables one table details tours and one table details transfers to airport etc -  So for this example these are services I am proposing to the client


            What I need is to be able to put togehter a proposal - In this proposal there is fixed text such as headers and footers but the content is a description for each service I am proposing to the client -  So in access I am used to mail merges into word and then to pdf


            In filemaker  I believe we cannot do this but simply create the report and save on pdf -  I need a pdf to display clients name - and services I am proposing Services are line items which have descriptions and a picture along with price



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              Anything you can print from Filemaker, you can also save as a PDF.


              It may help you to think of the PDF-making process as simply using a special kind of printer that "prints" to an electronic file instead of to paper.

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                Hi Phil


                I am able to do save and create pdf's but as you know pdf's are just a picture of the filemaker layout -  and I need more flexibility as I am preparing quotes for the clients - So let me rephrase my question


                Is there any way I can export information from FM to Word - In word then I could manipulate the data and convert to pdf.


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                  If you want to get it into word, you can use an XML export along with a XSLT.


                  The simplest would probably be getting this tool.




                  Otherwise, you can try and mess with it yourself. Take a look at the RTF examples as well as the Word example.