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Creating automatic backup - cannot find file

Question asked by cat22fish on Nov 7, 2014
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Creating automatic backup - cannot find file



I am having a small problem with creating an automatic backup file.  I have a script which creates a back up copy of my database.  When the script is run (by clicking a button on the database) FileMaker creates a copy of the current database file and inserts the date and time in the filename.  All this works perfectly as long as the last place I have visited on my computer is where I have asked the file to be saved. If for example after opening the database I have then opened a Word document or Excel spread sheet etc located in a different folder, later when I go back to FileMaker and try to run the backup script, I get an error message to say that the file cannot be found…

This is okay if I create a backup as soon as I open FileMaker but I may wish to make updates later in the day and if I have to locate the file folder, I may as well create the back up manually.

I'm saving the backup file to a shared drive not my local drive.

Thanks for your help.