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creating automatic invoices.

Question asked by weedonpaul on Jan 7, 2012
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creating automatic invoices.



I have a table that logs hours spent working for different clients, I record date, client, type of work,  hours spent, and rate. As each client has different rates depending on job done etc, the rates are filled in by a calculation field. so a tipical day might look loke this

1/1/12         Client A        Reports        2 Hours       £4.50

1/1/12         Client B        Admin         1 Hours       £5.00

1/1/12         Client A        Admin          2 Hours       £6.50

1/1/12         Client A        Reports        3 Hours       £4.50

1/1/12         Client B        Meetings       2 Hours       £7.50

1/1/12         Client B        Admin          2 Hours       £5.00

I also have a second table that records expenses. with fields for date, type, amount and client to be billed.


Now I need to bring all this together in an invoice, that generates a unique invoice number.

So if i enter client and month it will generate an invoice for me. so client A will get


Client A                                invoice number 0001



Bill for January


Reports              5 hours           £22.50

Admin               2 hours            £13.00



Type                                     amount

Type                                     amount

                          Total £xxxxxx


I would like each invoice in it's own record.

Your help would be apreaciated