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Creating basic/ advanced search with a portal

Question asked by ommtom on May 31, 2012
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Creating basic/ advanced search with a portal


Hi all

Very new to FileMaker Pro (using version 12), so apologies in advance if this has already been answered before.

I am needing to create a search page (with a portal) that will allow me to do a basic key word search on required feilds within the main database table, and then an advanced search that could refine results on say 5-8 different categories/ fields.

The basic search needs to enable users to type in any word, and to return all records where this one (or more) words are found.

The advanced search if possible to be within the same layout (to expand with more search criteria to select upon click - again I'm unsure of how to make the layout expand without creating a separate new layout to link to).

Any help appriciated, I understand I have been very breif, please let me know if you need anymore info.