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Creating cascading selections of values

Question asked by JohnLucero on Dec 26, 2010
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Creating cascading selections of values



I have a database where I have company divisions in one table, then a table with projects (per divisions), then a table for tasks (per project), and then activities for the tasks in another table.

I would like to be able to have a layout where I select a division, and only the projects for that division come up,, and then select a project and only the tasks for that project come up and so on for the activities.  I know how to do the layout, but I must be doing something wrong in the relationship graphs.  There is a field linking each table in sequence, for example, the Divisions table has a serial number as each division is added, named DivisionID.  That links to the Project table with DivisionID being in the Projects table as well.  When a new project is entered a new serial number is entered for the ProjectID.

Its a one to many relationship as follows:

Divisions -----<Projects linked by DivisionID

Projects ------<Tasks linked by ProjectID

Tasks ---------<Activities linked by TaskID

I would like a layout for entering new data, and also for viewing data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If I need to take an image of my relationship graph to help you understand I can do so.

thank you,