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Creating Charts in Layout Mode

Question asked by NetDude on Jan 8, 2013
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Creating Charts in Layout Mode


     I have a layout I wish to plot data based on the current record. Each series of data uses a ExecuteSQL expression:

     ExecuteSQL("select sum(F.sf_weighting) from x_vendor_component_function F join Vendor V on V.ven_id = F.ven_id where F.current_capability = 'y' and F.sc_id =1 and V.VEN_ID = ?"; "";"" ;Vendor::VEN_ID)

     Currently I have created 7 series for my bar chart.

     The problem I am having is unless I perform a find on the layout "Vendor Name", The chart renders data for all records within the Vendor table, I assumed that becuase I was placing the Chart onto the body of the layout that it would only render data for that record. 

     Is there a way to only show chart data based on the current record without having to perform a find??

     Not the desired outcome based on the Vendor Name "Relay Health" Notice all records are being displayed in the chart


     This is the desired result however searching for it is not ideal