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    Creating Checkboxes out of CSV import



      Creating Checkboxes out of CSV import




      I recently imported a csv database from Bento 1.


      All the checkboxes came accross as 1 for a tick and 0 for no-tick. That's fine but we have now defined those fields in FMP 10 as checkboxes and there is nothing in the checkboxes but when you look behind each field you can see that the data is there.


      Is there a quick way to have filemaker pro 10 return a tick or a cross in a checkbox when you have imported a csv file that contains a list of one's or zeros?



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          Hi DAM


          The checkboxes should tick if the value in the field matches that of the value list the field is attached to. So if your Value List had the two values "1" & "0" then those should tick.


          If you want other values in the Value List then you will need to perform a replace on the field after importing to change the value of the ones and zeroes to the values you want for your checkboxes, so your replace may look like this:


          Case (

          field = 0 ; "NEW VALUE 0" 

          field = 1 ; "NEW VALUE 1" 


          You could build this as part of a script to speed it up for you. 


          I hope this helps