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Creating Conditional Value Lists- Beginner's Question

Question asked by elaraine on Feb 8, 2012
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Creating Conditional Value Lists- Beginner's Question


I'm brand new to FileMaker Pro so the learning curve has been a bit steep (my apologies).

I have an equipment inventory that I am trying to manage. I have the inventory as a database already in FileMaker with all the records. I would like to have a layout with several drop-down menus, in which the first drop-down menu is the Manufacturer and the second drop-down menu is the Model, and the second drop-down menu displays only the models from the selected manufacturer. I would like to add a couple more drop-down menus in this manner, to "narrow down" the records available, and finally, at the end, I would like to be able to view that single record, possibly even in the record detail format.

I've read the post on "Creating Conditional Value Lists" and this is exactly what I need to do to have each drop-down menu only display the results that match the previous selection. However, I'm unclear on whether I need to create additional tables that get populated as a result of making a selection on the drop-down menus, or if I can do this entirely using the one table/database. Can someone give me a few pointers for getting started on creating relationships and the accompanying conditional value lists? I tried repeating the exercise from the aforementioned post but need a more basic roadmap and probably some help with the syntax. Thanks.