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    creating connections in filemaker pro 13



      creating connections in filemaker pro 13


           I use filemaker pro 13 and use two startups inventory and invoices.  I have products that I sell that are defined in invoices and I have included all these items by exporting them and integrated them into inventory.  I want to create a relationship between both databases and I don't know how. I need to know how many products I sill have in inventory and when I sell one inventory  should reflect that sale and what's left?

           If anyone has a solution it would help!




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               merging two starter solutions is a far from simple process. In theory, the Transactions table in Inventory can be set up as the Invoice LineItems table in Invoicing so that selling an item on an invoice automatically reduces your inventory by the quantity sold. But it would not be a simple process, especially if you are not pretty familiar with how to design and modify databases.

               Here's a thread on how the "line items" (called Invoice Data in your starter solution) table used in invoicing can be set up as the transactions table in an inventory system: Managing Inventory using a Transactions Ledger