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Creating contact look up that allows selection between multiple results

Question asked by AlexMauer on May 10, 2011
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Creating contact look up that allows selection between multiple results



I am developing a mailroom packge delivery system. I am using FMP11 advanced, FMP11 and filemaker Go. The tool will allow for the scanning of package bar codes and the selection of the recipients name address email phone etc from a look up of a name table.

THere are two tables, the shipping table and the phonebook table. The phonebook table has all our employees in it with phone, email, office location, first, last and firstlast. I also created an employee ID that is unique. In the data entry screen, The user will enter new packages into the system when they are setting up the delivery runs. they start by scanning the package barcode. Then they go to the recipient last name field and start o type the last name in. when they tab out of the field, the rest of the contact info is filled in from the phonebook. This works great except when I get to Smith. If I type in smith, it chooses the frst record it finds. I need to deliver a package to david smith not ann smith. 

Is there a way to seach on the last name so that the first name gets populated with the 5 smith names? I am thinking of a sort of dynamic value list tha tgets created fro the results of a "Smith" query. I want to save the auo fill in of all th e contact info until the first name is selected If there are not multiple search returns - the last name is nique then it returns all the contact info, but if there are 5 smiths then the first name beomes a dropdown showing th e 5 possible first names. Once you select the first name, then the contact info populates.

I am a FMP novice. any hep would be greatly appreciated.