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Creating database suggestions

Question asked by VanessaAnne on Feb 6, 2015


Creating database suggestions


I have used filemaker for years but its been a while.  I'm using Filemaker 12.

I am creating a database from scratch.  I tried using a start up solution but I had trouble figuring out the relationships as it related to my specific project.  I was using the Estimating Starter Solution. 

I am trying to create a company timeline spend database.  The variables are:

 - companies that have multiple branches (same company has LA, NY, Canada branches)

 - the project title (not every vendor is on every project)

- how much each company will be paid on the project over the course of 2015 - 2016 by quarterly spend.  

For example:

Company A (based in LA and NYC), is getting paid on Project 1 in Qrt1 - 2015 and Qtr2 - 2015.  

Company A (based in LA and NYC), is getting paid on Project 2 in Qtr 4- 2014 and Qtr1 - 2015. 

Company B (based in LA and CAN and UK), is getting paid on Project 1 in Qtr 3 - 2015 and Qtr4 - 2015. 


And so on.  The reports will mostly be a timeline over 2014-2016 lumped by project and schedule on the x-axis, and the company name/location on the y axis.  

I'm having trouble figuring out how to set up these relationships.  I think portals will be easy for this kind of timeline but should I separate tables by vendor and project and time? 

Attached is an example. Even advice on which starter solution might be best would be helpful.  

Thank you.