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Creating detailed quotes

Question asked by JUANDAVIDGIL on Jun 1, 2012
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Creating detailed quotes



I am dreaming with the possibility to do long quotes.  My current solution so far goes like this:

I have attached a file with my current layout, its in spanish,  but never the less, its readable as this goes:

OtherQuoteParm ProductIDProductIDPrice
OtherPrParam ItemIDDescription


Now, every Item has an item from the pricelist, a group of items makes a product that goes into the quote, the Product description is feeded for each item into a product description. But also, the quote should contain


[Products Quoted with Description

[Table with the total value of each product]

[Table with value of after service]

[Detailed description of conditions of sales]


What I did is to create a presentation displaying the products based on a lookup from the products that belong to a quote.  Made a long, tall field with rollover, so when I print, all the products will go up, according to different lenghts of the products description.

But the rest, I cannot fit it in this solution.

Any ideas, or plugins that would satisfy my need?

Thanks in advance