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    Creating detailed quotes



      Creating detailed quotes



      I am dreaming with the possibility to do long quotes.  My current solution so far goes like this:

      I have attached a file with my current layout, its in spanish,  but never the less, its readable as this goes:

      OtherQuoteParm ProductIDProductIDPrice
      OtherPrParam ItemIDDescription


      Now, every Item has an item from the pricelist, a group of items makes a product that goes into the quote, the Product description is feeded for each item into a product description. But also, the quote should contain


      [Products Quoted with Description

      [Table with the total value of each product]

      [Table with value of after service]

      [Detailed description of conditions of sales]


      What I did is to create a presentation displaying the products based on a lookup from the products that belong to a quote.  Made a long, tall field with rollover, so when I print, all the products will go up, according to different lenghts of the products description.

      But the rest, I cannot fit it in this solution.

      Any ideas, or plugins that would satisfy my need?

      Thanks in advance


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          My current solution so far goes like this:

          Are you listing fields in a table?




          Overall I can't really put together a working understanding of what you are tyring to do. "A long tall field with a rollover"? What's that?

          Before you look at the design of your report layout, (I think you are describing sliding fields here), you'd need to map out the structure of the data and how the different tables link in relationships.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk


            I seem to always notice you on my posts.  Thank you.  


            Basically, the layout I made a layout for printing.  In the body I a put a large field with sliding fields for the product description (from the products table associated with the particular quote), which oftentimes could be as long as 4 pages.  A top header for printing quote info and bottom footer with the company info.

            But this goes short of my goal.  The structure I need has to have:

            Greeting Page- Indicating the quote information (Dear sir, herein you may find...)

            Description of the products- A description of the products made from all the items that the product has. There could be one or many

            A table with pricing- A page where all the pricing of the products are

            Post sale services- Different products have different post sales services and warranties are described here

            With my current solution, I cannot put in a table for pricing because It will repeat for each product.  I tried using a portal, but the portal doesnt work with sliding fields. It stays the initial height for good.

            Any ideas of how to do this?

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              The language difference makes it hard to match your descriptions to the screen shot of your table occurrences and relationships that you have added to your first post. (You can now add graphics to any post in this thread, BTW.)

              Please explain the relationship that you have between products and pricing. I see that you have a join table so you appear to need a many to many relationship. Why is that?

              I think you may be able to base your report's layout on the join table (T03aa Items_Cotiza...).

              Another method you may want to consider is that you do not have to use a single layout to create a report. A script can print part of a report on one layout, then use another layout for the next section and so forth. In a script, you can even save a PDF of the first such layout and then use the "append" option to add PDF's from additional layouts to the same file.

              This does create problems with page numbers and such so I don't recommend using that approach unless there is no alternative.

              Also please indicate what version of Filemaker you are using.

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                Thank you.  I am using FileMaker Pro 12 BTW.


                I translated the table for you. And made a description of why I did.  I am a total n00b in this thing and hence I dont know if I took the best approach for this. 

                Never the less,  we have never before tried to use paging for our quotes, so I will try to use the script feature you said which looks much more promising.

                I have just began using scripts, so this is something I hadnt explored.


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                  Hey PhilModJunk...  I love you! CoolWink