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Creating Dropdown Lists - Need Ideas

Question asked by BhavdeepVirdee on Jan 17, 2011
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Creating Dropdown Lists - Need Ideas


I have created a database which has 4 columns and 300 records. 

  • Column 1 = Country Name. This has 3 names only. US, UK, France. So lets say US is 50 times UK is 125 times and France is 125 times. 
  • Column 2 = State (or County) Name. This has 300 names. Each State (or county) is part of a Country. So lets say 50 states of US, 125 counties of UK and 125 counties (or municipalities) of France. 
  • Column 3 = State  (or County) Municipality Name
  • Column 4 = State  (or County) Municipality Phone Number

When I click on "find", I would like to see a dropdown list for columns 1 & 2.

If I choose a Country Name = US in column 1, I would like to see only the names of US states in column 2 and names of counties (or states) from UK & France should not be displayed. Similarly if I choose UK in column 1, then only the county names of UK should be displayed in column 2. 

Is this possible in Filemaker pro 10? If it is, then can someone please help me with it? 

Thank you very much,