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Creating dynamic tables

Question asked by GeorgeChristiana on Aug 27, 2010
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Creating dynamic tables


I need to create a table in a layout for recording data during engineering testing. 

Here's the catch(s):

1.  Each test may have varying durations and logging intervals (ROWS).  (Example:  One may require 15 minute logging intervals for 10 hours and another may require hourly logging intervals for 24)

2.  Each test may have varying recorded parameters (COLUMNS).  (Example:  One test may require 10 named parameters to be recorded, while another only 5 named parameters)

3.  It is impossible at layout design time to determine how many rows / colums are needed or their parameters, in addition, it may become necessary during testing to add a column or row on the fly.

4.  My users are electrical and mechanical engineers, with little to no filemaker experience so having them edit layouts is out of the question.

My question(s): 

Is it possible to create a dynamic table (perhaps a seperate layout that creates / edits this table in a user friendly format?  

Obviously with portal usage, the "row" issue is not a hard problem to overcome, but the columns?  

Style is key here.  Obviously for a standard layout size I would have to set a maximum number of columns, but how do I customize the table to space appropriately accross the layout when less columns are desired?