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Creating fields tht behave as globals within a group

Question asked by ocolamonici on Aug 11, 2009
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Creating fields tht behave as globals within a group


I am not sure that what I want to do is "doable" in FMP.  I have a database that groups data based on one field designated, for example, as "Group".  Each group can have data for up to 6 independent user-defined parameters termed "Parameter 1", "Parameter 2"....  The Parameters 1-6 for Group A can be different than the Parameters the user selects for Group B. For example, the user may assign "fruits" and "vegetables" for parameters 1 and 2, respectively, in Group A; while parameters 1 and 2 may correspond to "drinks" and "sandwiches" in Group B.  If all the groups were using the same parameters, this issue would be addressed by using global fields, so parameter 1 would the same for all groups, and once it is selected, it would show up in all records regardless of the group..  What I would like to do is to have sort of a "local global" in which parameter 1, 2, 3... show up the same for all the records within Group A, while they are different for other groups.

Is there a way to do this?

I'd appreciate your help.