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Creating first portal help

Question asked by JonTaylor on Feb 13, 2011
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Creating first portal help


Since a few members helped me oh so graciously with my last problem I figured I would come back to the experts. I believe a portal is what I need but maybe not.

I have two tables that are currently related, Venues and Events. My Events table currently looks up data from the Venues table when I select which Venue the specific event will be at. This is working great, no complaints there.

What I'm currently trying to do is under Venues. I currently have a tab created called Previous Events. I want this tab to display certain information from every show that has been booked at this venue. Data that would be shown would be things like band name, date, etc.

I've been studying some of the starter solutions which have portals somewhat similar to what I'm trying to accomplish but I'm still having trouble. I presumed a portal would be what I need and even tried to set one up but didn't get anywhere.

Am I correct with needing a portal? Any push in the right direction would be much appreciated. I've searched all over the forums but couldn't pinpoint a specific thread that lead me in the right direction.

Thanks again!