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Creating Folder

Question asked by smcms on Feb 18, 2009
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Creating Folder


I am a complete Filemaker novice, but am using a database creation that my predecessor built. I use it for management of a small photography collection. My question is that in our database which consists of approx. 500 records- we would like to create a folder option. In other words a folder inside the template that would apply to all 500 records... but that we could drop PDF's or JPG's for any given record- that would of course be specific to each record. I hope this explains what i want to do. It seems like it should be pretty simple to do- but I can't figure out how to do it exactly... any help would be SO MUCH appreciated. Please remember when you give advice that I am a novice... good at using Filemaker... not so good at building it!


Many thanks!