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Creating folders in Windows...

Question asked by Jackuel on Jun 14, 2010
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Creating folders in Windows...




I got two issues: 



I've been reading a lot forums threads about creating windows folders directly from Filemaker. I've tried a few of them but wasn't able to combine the script with data from the db.


What I want to do: every time a new customer/record is created I want a folder to be created with same name as the the customer_id. I've tried the following: 


In Manager Script: created a new script, added the "Send Event" script step and used "open document/application" as send message option. I entered the following calculation:


 "cmd /c md c:\pic\" & GetAsText (Customer::Customer_ID)  & "


This doesn't work. I tried several different aspect of code above but the only thing I get to work is when the folder name is included in the cmd code directly, like this: "cmd /c md c:\pic\67891"

How  do I do this?


2) Is it possible to create a script from Filemaker that copies a number a windows files and folders (the folders above, one for each customer, will contain 5-10 pictures. I must copy 50-100 customers folders and it's pictures) to a remote server? I thought about using robocopy, can it be managed from Filemaker using the Send event script step, like cmd above? Or should I use a plug-in like Troi File plugin or something simular? Notice: I don't want to use FTP cause I heard about problem when copying multiple folders using FTP!


All tips and tricks are welcome!


I use Filemaker Pro 10.0v3 on Windows XP sp3 (eng). The remote server is a Windows 2003 Server


Br Jackuel