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Creating generic letters

Question asked by raykennedy on Dec 28, 2010
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Creating generic letters


Looking for a tutorial on how to do a mail merge with dynamic letters.

Table 1 Customers

Table 2 Letters (Greeting, Letter Date, LetterText, Signature etc)

I am attempting to build an app where I can dynamically create letters. I would like to mail merge my customers database so that the greeting would simply pull the customers name and some other fields from the customers table and dynamically populate it in the letter on the fly. So if I have 100 customers I the single letter will dynamically pull that data and create a 100 letters. I am curious on what the best approach for this.

I though about creating a join table pulling in the id's of each and creating the relationship that way. Part of my thought process on this is to create a script that upon creation of the letter it automatically adds all the customers to the join table associated with the letter. In the solution the user could add and remove each individual customer as they see fit. I also considered doing this through groups of customers which would need to relate another separate table so that might complicate it a bit more.

I guess my question is can anyone reference a tutorial or direct me somewhere that might have a similar solution. I know this is not a unique task as I have seen this in many applications before. Still new to Filemaker so my solutions may not always seem the most logical based off my minimal knowledge of the application. Any direction on this would be helpful.