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Creating Groups Like Folders for Selected Records

Question asked by KaraAmsinger on Dec 8, 2009
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Creating Groups Like Folders for Selected Records




I have a database that I created using the Business Productivity Solutions template. There are 3 files: 1. Main Menu 2. Contacts 3. Email on FMP 10 Advance. My boss wants to be able to setup "Folders/Groups" of records under a common Folder/Group name that can be accessed either on the Email file or the Contacts file. This way if she wants to review all records that are in the folder/group titled for example "New York City" it will show her all the records in that folder. And if she wants to send an email to all the records that are in the folder titled "New York City" she just selects the folder and it enters in all the email addresses into an email form. 


However, I need the folder/groups to be created in 3 different ways:


1.) setup where I can create a folder/group by selecting any random record I want and saving that folder/group any name I want.


2.) Under a Valued List every record that has the same item, within that Valued List, selected it automatically puts those records into a Folder/Group, and the Folder/Group is Labled the same as the item in the Valued list


3.) every time a saved find is performed, the results of the saved find automatically put the records in that foundset into a Folder/Group, and that Folder/Group is labeled the same as the "Saved Find" 


I am willing to send my 3 files to anyone who thinks they can help. I have tired so many different things to get this to work, that I think i have just confused my self trying to do the scripting, relationship graphs etc... correctly!


Please, Please Help!