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    Creating individual letters rather than reports (parameter query equivalent)



      Creating individual letters rather than reports (parameter query equivalent)



      I'm new to FM and this board so apologies if this has been asked 1000 times previously. 

      I am an experienced Access and Open Office BASE user and am currently trialling FM with a view to purchase at the  end of the 30 days.  I need to make sure in that 30 days that FM will do everything that I can currently do using standard SQL queries.


      What I can't figure is how in FM I can simulate what I can do with say ACCESS with parameter queries. In particular I have about 3 different letter layouts that I send to individual clients:

      1)  Welcome letter

      2) Payment reminder letter

      3) All payment received letter 


      How I do this at the moment in ACCESS or BASE is to prepare 3 standard reports which are all based on a SQL parameter query with the parameter being an Invoice ID (i.e. primary key to a unique invoice table).

      Please can someone how I can do this in FM?


      Many thanks



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          Hi, craigh, and welcome to the forum.


          Are your 'parameter queries' not just a standard 'Find' in Filemaker parlance?  For example, if you have a table with a field for PaymentDueDate then you can manually or automatically (by a script) find ('WHERE') all records which exceed that payment date.  You can then change to the Payment Reminder Layout and print all the letters.  Or make them pdfs to send as an attachment.  Or e-mail them the information directly.  Or mail-merge them into a Word document, for example (but why bother?).


          Likewise a Welcome letter and receipt.


          If you want to somehow generate the letters from an SQL query into another database then Filemaker can handle that, too.  Or SQL from Filemaker into yet another database (but again, why bother?).


          Filemaker is happy to handle the aspects of your task separately:

          - Find the appropriate records to act upon

          - Change to the appropriate layout

          - Do something with that layout (print to paper, pdf)

          - Finish tidily.


          Try doing them all 'manually':

          - Find the set you want.  (Go to 'Find' mode and type in the criteria in any layout that has the fields you want to search on.)

          - Change to the layout you want to print.

          - Fix the page set-up.

          - Hit 'print'.


          Is that what you mean?  If you can do anything manually, then you can do it with a script in Filemaker.


          And in my humble experience, if you can wade your way through Access, then you'll find Filemaker a breeze.


          I hope this is what you meant,