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Creating individual portal totals and grand total

Question asked by mootles22 on Oct 4, 2010
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Creating individual portal totals and grand total


Hi again,

Finally getting somewhere with the last post (if anyone saw it), thanks Phil for all your help.

FMP11 on Windows XP btw.

I've created my line items table and have portals in quotes/invoices table/layout linking back to it. Since I need about 20 options on each quote, I have a tab layout with portals on each tab linking back to line items. Each portal is filtered by quote number and then by option number (ie. portal6 on quote 2000 shows only line items that are submitted for that quote number and option number 6, etc). What I want now is for each of the 20 portals to have it's own subtotal of the line items within it and then a grand total of all the portal subtotals.

Think I can do the latter (grand total) as it's going to be a simple SUM but I'm struggling to get each portal subtotalling correctly. I think it's maybe because I'm filtering by two criteria on the portal (quote number and option number) so I'm maybe not creating my SUM calculation correctly.

Any help would be much appreciated, I'm sure it must be fairly simples!