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Creating invoicing and PO functions

Question asked by ChrisHeier on Feb 20, 2009
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Creating invoicing and PO functions


Hi, I'm very green with Filemaker, so bear with me a bit on this.  I'm trying to put together a layout in a purchasing database which will involve purchase orders.  I've tried playing with the PO layout included with filemaker, but I keep on making it break when I try and make it do what I want.


Basically, the plan is to have a number of databases:






I've figured out how to set up the supplier and contact information so that I can select a supplier on a drop down list and I'm good for address and the like, same with contacts (albeit, slightly different).  My problem comes into play with the portal list.


What I'm trying to do is tie the portals listing capabilities into the hardware database, so that when I type, paste or scan in a SKU, the manufacturer, part name, cost and weight all pop into the list.  I was successful doing this with the layout, but only for 1 entry.  I don't really understand how this portal thing works for entering data, so really, what I need to try and do at this point is to figure out how to make this list work.


I want to just simply create a list of product simply by inserting the SKU, then do all of the post calculations on it thereafter like the PO template does.  Can I get some guidance on this?  I'm having troubles trying to find anything in the documentation that can help me out on this.