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    creating letters...



      creating letters...


      hello all

      As always, any help would be appreciated. 

      I have a db of contacts - names, address's etc.  Within the database are some layouts which are standard default letters; bringing in the name and address where appropriate etc.  

      All well and good but there are occassions where i want a bespoke one off letter to one or more contacts. Is there a way of doing this simply in Filemaker? I though about a layout which had a large txt field where i could enter the body of my letter which would seem a good solution, but then what would happen if the letter was long and went over 2 or 3 pages etc..how do i set up the layout then??

      Thanks in advance.


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          is there anyway you can set up a letter layout which automatically alters if it flows onto a second page? (i.e as word would do normally) or would i need to create single page layout and a multiple page layout?

          Can you please explain a little more what you mean by the above statement?

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            I've amended the post, hopefully this may make it a little clearer. 

            My problem is how i set up a layout for a letter when i'm not sure if it will be single or multi pages long?


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              I would set up a "one off" letter layout with a single text field that went for 2 or 3 pages.  The have a script write the headings and signature.  Once the script was done you can type what you want in between then print out however many pages it comes out to be.