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Creating Links Between Related Donors' Records

Question asked by CourtneyTran on Aug 6, 2013
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Creating Links Between Related Donors' Records


     I would like to be able to create a means of generating "links" between donor profiles for donors who have relationships. Not just marriage or family relationships. For example, if I have donor A and donor B who are married and if donor C happens to be the priest who wedded them, then I want to be able to go into say- donor A's profile- and see some sort of note indicating this relationship to donor C and B, with a link to donor C & B's profiles available. I would also want this relationship to be shown in donor B & C's profile as well. 

      I am not completely certain of the scope of Filemaker's ability to do this sort of thing, but ideally, I visualized something such as a diagramatic representation of these relationships, with bubbles and lines that indicate a relationship from one donor to the next. The links to these donors' profiles will be shown within these bubbles.

     I am largely at the brainstorming stage and this is an idea I had. I am about to start researching it but if there is anyone who can give me input on the feasibility of this idea or tips on how to make a similar thing happen, I'd really appreciate it!

     I have attached a photo of the sort of thing I have imagined.