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    Creating Links Between Related Records



      Creating Links Between Related Records


           I have a donor database, and I want to be able to indicate relationships between donors. For example, a husband may donate sometimes and his wife may be a separate donor who makes a donation as well. I want to be able to indicate under, for example, John Doe's record, that he married to Mary Doe from another record (link the records in that way).

           The purpose for doing this is to be able to generate records that show the total donations from a single given household. Also, it is ideal for purposes of generating single thank you/misc. letters (if so desired) for a given household instead of a thank you letter for the wife and then a separate one for the husband, for instance.

            I am in the process of figuring it out but I find this forum extremely helpful, so I thought I'd post it in case anyone has suggestions for how this can be done. Any will be tremendously appreciated.

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               First (working sometimes in a similar field) consider deeply whether sending a joint letter is a good idea.  It can create some negative backlash.

               In my experience the extra postage is well worth the price ;)

               You can create a "related link" field and use it as a self join between two Table Occurences of the same table.

               In mine, I simply have a "related to:  {relationshipLinkID}" where the Unique ID of the husband/wife/father/duaghter/// is put in by value list dropdown.

               Summing the records up per family can be a chore if linked by this method...


               For summing up, you would have to create a multi-key with all of the related folks's ID#'s in a return separated list so that all of the donated amounts can be summed up together.

               ...or a higher level "grouping" table that can sum up the sums of the individuals.  This method allows you to group any combo of people (church, fire company, zip code, etc. and simply sum the sums...


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                 Another method is to set up a table of "households" to which you link individual donors. Your communications can then be made via data in the Household table instead of the data from the donors table--but consider Ninja's comments about possible "backlash" carefully.

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                   Thank you both!