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Creating Links between Serial Numbers (scanned) and Inventory Numbers

Question asked by DesertJazz on Sep 15, 2009
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Creating Links between Serial Numbers (scanned) and Inventory Numbers




This is definitely a newbie question.  I'm trying to take and create a database that I can scan a serial number in with a barcode scanner, and get it to pop up with a pre-determined inventory number automatically in the field above it. 


Currently I have it setup as a separate table for the item and serial numbers, and then a main table that will be for entry of who currently has the item.  Items will be checked out with the names entered and a barcode scanned to bring it into the form.  I want it to compare that barcode (serial number) with the other table and auto-enter our inventory number.  As there are multiple items to be checked out to each person the barcode generator with the form call for the other number would be really helpful.


How do I give it that relationship?  I believe I have setup the relationships right in the relationships tab, but the calculation values in the calculation type of the number is throwing me.  Any help someone can offer would be much appreciated!  In case it helps get interest for helping me it's for a band program.  Thanks!