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    Creating Links to 600+ PDF Files



      Creating Links to 600+ PDF Files


           Dear Filemaker Forums,

           I have a database with book titles and would like to create links to 600+ PDF files. 

           I know how to create a link to one file by right-clicking on a container field and going to:

           "Insert File"

           There, it allows one to select "Store only a reference to the file."

           From there I see an incon pop up that I can click to open up the PDF file.

           However, individually inserting 600+ PDF files is not practical.

           I have tried to import an Excel file with file locations and then change the text filed to a container field, but with no success.

           I could import the whole file as a container field, but not sure if that works, as I have multi page pdfs.

           Any help is greatly appreciated.  Or, please send contact send your consulting info.





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               You have several options.

          1.           From a table of imported filePaths, you might be able to use Open Url to open the PDF. A web viewer might even be set up to show the contents of the PDF.
          3.           And  a calculation field could be defined that takes the file path in your text field and reconfigures it into the format needed for a container field with "container" selected as the result type.
          5.           You could even move a folder of all your PDF files into your computer's documents folder and use a script that first pulls up a list of all files in the folder and inserts them one at a time into the container field of a series of records that it creates in a table for that purpose. (Get ( DocumentsPathListing) can return a list of all files and folders inside the documents folder.)
          7.           A fourth option is much like the the 3rd, but uses a file manipulation plug in or a system script to get the list of file paths. This can then be done from a folder located anywhere on your computer, not just inside the documents folder.
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                 Are you available to consult?  I am familiar with MySQL but a newbie on Filemaker, although I believe it is pretty sleek and has great potential.  

                 I tried to use the Open URL (not familiar with how to run scripts and could not figure out how to do a wild card to get to link to 600 + diff title names) and the calculation field (did not know which calc to select??).

                 What is the best way for us to connect?  Sype, email etc?  How do we talk further.  Not familiar with using this forum and protocol yet.






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                        I tried to use the Open URL

                   Are you using Mac or windows? Please note that I said that this might be possible. It works in windows, but others have had trouble using Open URL to open a file.

                   Basically, in windows, if you can get your web browser to open a file on your computer, the code you see in the URL box at the top of your browser window is the type of text Open URL would need to use to open a file.

                   And just because Open URL might work, does not mean that it is the best option for what you want to accomplish with your database.

                   To discuss possible consulting, click the Icon that reads "Caulkins Consulting" and send me a private message.