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Creating Links to 600+ PDF Files

Question asked by JamesOliver on Apr 28, 2014
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Creating Links to 600+ PDF Files


     Dear Filemaker Forums,

     I have a database with book titles and would like to create links to 600+ PDF files. 

     I know how to create a link to one file by right-clicking on a container field and going to:

     "Insert File"

     There, it allows one to select "Store only a reference to the file."

     From there I see an incon pop up that I can click to open up the PDF file.

     However, individually inserting 600+ PDF files is not practical.

     I have tried to import an Excel file with file locations and then change the text filed to a container field, but with no success.

     I could import the whole file as a container field, but not sure if that works, as I have multi page pdfs.

     Any help is greatly appreciated.  Or, please send contact send your consulting info.