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Creating List to export from 2 different tables

Question asked by JimWeeda on Aug 22, 2013
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Creating List to export from 2 different tables


     FileMaker Noob here.  I need to create a customer call list from a couple tables in my filemaker db.  I have my main customer information table which has all land owners and tenants in it.  The way our customer billing system is set up, a piece of property has a location number but can have two different accounts tied to it.  So, my table includes that location number, but can have 2 records under with that same number.  I have another table that I create records in from a .csv file that is exported from another system in the company.  It exports that location number.  I import that .csv into my database and link my two tables with that location number.   What i want to do is create a list that has the customer name and phone number based on the location numbers that i import.  I can't figure out after several hours of dinking around how to create that list.  

     So, lets say i have a location number of 00015.  There is a land owner and a tenant listed under that location number in my main table.  When I import my .csv file, its only going to have 00015 listed one time.  I need my new list to pull both records so that when I export, I have everyones name/phone from that single location number I imported.

     Thanks in advance!